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Be greeted all, to introduce ourselves, Emerging Mining Association of Namibia (EMAN) is a Non-profit organization and was established, founded by Ms. Thekla Mutero, registered in January 2021 as a legal entity. We are proud to say, that this is The first national association representing Namibian mining start up entrepreneur ecosystem who are small-scale miners in Namibia.
To encourage Namibian to participate in the mining sector as entrepreneurs to own our Natural resources.
To empower and represent Artisanal Small Scale Miners on the grassroots level with long term development standard in the mining sector.


Our Minerals. Our Heritage , Our Wealth , Our Future


Respect. Sustainability. Passion, Diversity. Quality. Responsibility. Integrity · innovation · collaboration · teamwork · passion.


– Improve legit mining business in small scale mining community To revive, Reform, reconsider and reboot the value of our small scale miners in Namibia

– Give guidance on how to apply for mining rights licenses, to operate legally

– Empowerment of our Miners on how to mine safe, to promote sustainability to our environment

– Mentorship programs such as Educational workshops in mining to understand and know their products value

– Introducing new advance mining technology for easy prospecting and exploration

– Creating of new markets for small scale miners and expansion of our network

– Facilitating the relationships with Government, stakeholders and small scale miners

– Putting in place an effective structural operation with fellow Miners to organize ourself,  local , regional, National & International

– Setting up a sustainable financial model as the Association to seek for investment for small scale miners

– Outreach database mapping programmers for small scale miners

– To promote unity, share experiences and close the gap between small and large mining sector

– Identifying the needs of small scale miners to increase productivity

– We aimed for future Processing plant of minerals to add value on it

– Assisting of student in mining industry such as Geologist and other mining sciences field to allocate them on Miners site, to do their internship

– Promoted mining information to our small scale miners a cross Namibia

– To promote self employment and alleviate of poverty among youth and unemployment Namibians through engagement of initiate ideas of small mining scales at community level around Namibia.